The Hardest Thing We Do in Business

What is the hardest thing we do in business…want to hazard a guess?

Hiring someone to do a critical task for us is one of the hardest things we do, yet we face this challenge over and over again. We all hate it. It always happens at the worst time. Whether it’s because business is growing or because we lost an employee, we find ourselves faced with the daunting task of kissing a lot of frogs to find a charming

Why is it the hardest thing we do? Why do we hate it? What is the risk to each of us?

A hire reflects on us directly. It says so much about us. It effects our every waking moment because the person we hire is expected to do the tasks that need doing. If we hire the wrong person, our life is turned upside down. In many cases, we end up doing the work that the wrong hire was supposed to do. If we fire the person as quickly as we find them, we must fill the gap and kiss a few more frogs.

Is there a solution to this?

Engage, interview, get to know and give open access to a recruiter or two. Find someone who knows your industry, knows the technologies you use and how the components fit together. Until proven otherwise, expect that person to be totally trustworthy.

Good recruiters are professionals and have spent many years honing their skills in finding the best talent. They can spot red flags quicker than you. They make your interview process efficient. But most importantly, they help you hire that chosen prince or princess when you find them. Why risk failure in the hiring process when you can greatly increase the chances of success by working with an effective recruiter?

Why you should love us. Recruiters tell all…

• “Business managers should love working with recruiters because we make their job easier. Only qualified candidates are suggested, which saves hiring managers tons of valuable time reviewing hundreds of worthless resumes.” ~Kevin Hughes, Senior Technical Recruiter

• “Recruiters are the external eyes and ears of talent on the streets. A good recruiter recognizes that there are two sales involved, candidate to hiring manager and hiring manager to candidate. Thinking in this manner incorporates more of the WHY a company has a need for an employee and WHY a certain professional would be a good hire.” DeWayne Addison, Business Development Manager – Staffing

• “The best hiring managers view recruiters as their agent, working in the best interest of the company. Hiring managers are not trained as HR professionals. They are hired to accomplish a task in a timely, cost-effective manner. Their “real job” doesn’t leave them much time to effectively source, qualify, interview, negotiate and present an offer.” ~ Business Development Manager – Staffing

• “Recruiters have the ability to find information about a candidate that isn’t typically disclosed in an interview, as well as details that may influence their decision to accept an offer. This leads to good selling features that could close a candidate – shorter commute, better benefits, bonus potential, details of other offers.” ~Business Development Manager – Staffing

• “From the candidate perspective, there’s a true competitive advantage gained from working with good recruiters. Recruiting firms generally provide direct access to hiring managers versus applying online or through job sites. Good recruiters also provide resume formatting, interviewing tips and coordination, salary and benefit negotiations.” ~Kevin Hughes, Senior Technical Recruiter

• “Candidates should love working with recruiters, because we are their counsel. If they’re looking, we can get them in touch with the companies that need their skills, guide them on what to say, prepare them for a successful interview. We are their buffer zone when getting an offer. We can also help make the transition into a new company much easier by educating them on culture, what’s acceptable and what will help them advance.” ~Vice President

What are your experiences with recruiters? The good, bad and the ugly.

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