Contract Staffing

Keeping an IT department fully functional and effective with the latest technology and talent can be challenging, especially for businesses with tight headcount budgets and projects to finish. Hiring contract consultants is a great way to get projects up-and-running and leverage specialized technical expertise for short-term needs.

3coast has staffed highly skilled, experienced and professional contract consultants since 1980. Our network of more than 80,000 IT professionals provides the relationships to find talent fast. We focus on staffing network engineers, software engineers, developers and niche consultants specialized in ERP, Java and .NET.

Pressured to complete IT projects, but lack the headcount budget to bring on the technical skills needed to finish the work?

3coast contract staffing is a smart way to increase staffing flexibility while reducing employment costs and employee administration. It cost-effectively allows you to bring on additional staff resources through your project budget or operational expenses. 3coast manages payroll and offers 401k options, medical benefits, bonuses and paid holidays.

Assembling an IT project team or looking to fill positions of high turnover?

Our professional contractors prefer the challenge and diversity of contract employment. They bring innovation, the latest skill sets and deep experience to get projects off the ground and moving to completion.

Providing constant cycles of contractors for high-turnover positions (such as help desk) creates competition amongst the group, raises productivity and cuts overhead costs. Contract professionals specialize in specific technologies, so they require little or no ramp-up time.

Contact 3coast today to find the highly skilled technical talent you need, right when you need it.