Payroll Services

Acquire the resources you need without hiring them as permanent employees. 3coast funds and manages payroll for as many contractors as you need, for as long as you need them.

Mitigate misclassification risks and reduce administrative costs associated with contractor payrolling through 3coast Corp Payroll Services.

Misclassifying an independent contractor as an employees can result in IRS fines, penalties and back taxes, for which your business could be liable. 3coast allows you to eliminate this risk by legalizing misclassified 1099 independent contractors and assuming tax and legal liabilities.

Learn more about the IRS definition of an employee vs. an independent contractor

Our payroll service expertise provides companies with the ability to consolidate contract service and temporary employees into a single vendor relationship. We convert independent contractors under 1099 reporting to full-time 3coast employees. As the legal employer for your contract or temporary employees, we take responsibility for withholding, transmitting, reconciliation and record keeping of all payroll-related taxes.

The flexibility of our service lets you add to your workforce without potential human resource issues, payroll tax and unemployment liabilities, workers’ compensation, W-2 forms or adding to your permanent headcount. 3coast payroll service provides flexibility for handling contract-to-hire staffing, post-retirement retention and 1099 conversions.