Direct Hire

Staffing full-time professionals requires consideration of skill sets, personality fit, career goals, personal life, commute and travel limitations, immediate and long-term training needs, and professional development requirements. Combine this with the time it takes to scour job boards, post recruitment advertisements and prescreen candidates, and you could be searching for months.

For companies with critical positions to fill, recruiting IT, Accounting / Finance, or Oil & Gas Engineering professionals with the right technical skills and culture fit can be time-consuming and expensive.

3coast can help you find quality talent when you need it. We have been staffing professionals locally, nationally and internationally since 1980. Leverage our extensive candidate network and experience recruiting top talent to significantly reduce time-to-fill and have more energy to focus on core business activities.

We utilize a proprietary technical matching analysis to ensure candidates meet your specific requirements before entering the interview process. This purifies the candidate pool to allow interviews to run more efficiently.

Having a staffing partner that understands your business improves your chances of a successful candidate search. Whether you are in technology, accounting / finance, or Oil & Gas engineering, we understand that when you have an opening you need to fill it quickly.