The best recruiters find passive candidates…

The Best Recruiters find Passive Candidates…

Who are not looking to change jobs, but will.  Posting jobs on the many job boards is the purview of companies, volume paper pushers, and also of great recruiters.  The difference is, most of the candidates who have their resumes in the public domain are either unemployed, in need of sponsorship through a H1-B work Visa, or are desperate because their job is going to disappear into the vapor.  Great candidates might, upon having a really bad day at their current company, take a peek at what listings might be out there.  However, the best recruiters find the candidates who have their heads down and are basically happy.  It is up to the recruiter to tempt those candidates into “taking a look” or “just having a conversation with a great client who is looking to hire”.

So, since all of the above is known by just about everyone, there is no grand revelation in what I just wrote.  What I really want to address in this blog is directed at those great companies who want great candidates.  Many are totally frustrated by the many frogs they have to kiss in order to find a charming prince or princess.  Those frogs apply directly, through volume paper pushing agencies, and through recruiters who are forced each day to make a bunch of numbers of submittals, interviews, and other volume activity that hopefully will result in a placement and a fee or a contact assignment.people_reduced

Good companies with great opportunity have figured out that the secret is finding a recruiter who is not going to dump a bunch of paper in front of the hiring managers, but rather are going to present the one or two who will seriously discuss the great opportunity, and perhaps decide to make a change.  Good hiring managers understand that recruiting the best talent begins with a sales pitch about the challenge, the leading technology, the recognition given to those who succeed, and the compensation package and benefits.  Once the candidate perks up about the opportunity, then, and only then, does the real screening process begin to determine if the candidate has the proper technical skills, the proper personality, and the drive to succeed in the environment.  A good recruiter has a strong idea of what all of those qualifications are, and the hiring manager can be fairly certain that the candidate has already been screened and is a fairly close match to the manager’s needs.

It is a candidate driven market today.  Especially in the boom cities, particularly in Houston and in Texas.  The managers who accept that reality, engage the best recruiters, and allow the recruiter to be a true trusted partner and counselor, will be the ones who attract and hire the BEST PASSIVE PROFESSIONALS.

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