Oil and Gas Business Analytics Lunch & Learn in Houston

Join us on October 29, 2014 for an interactive Lunch & Learn event for the Oil & Gas industry!

3coast and Birst will share an in-depth look at business analytics and data discovery best practices, and approaches for the Oil & Gas industry using a leading business intelligence platform.

Approaches to business intelligence have dramatically changed in the past five years, and the Oil & Gas industry is adapting. Business analytics experts from 3coast will review the challenges and latest solutions to implementing an enterprise business intelligence capability within companies in the Oil & Gas industry.

Using a case study based on Oil & Gas production data, a business analytics expert will show how production data can be transformed through a logical business model to generate a data warehouse in the cloud using Birst.  These techniques can accelerate the delivery of dashboards and reports and reduce the time to value to a matter of weeks, instead of months and years.

To learn more, visit us at http://www.3coastresources.com/oil-and-gas-industry-analytics-lunch-and-learn/.

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