3coast Wins Big at NPA Global Conference

3coast was a big winner at the NPA Global Conference held in New Orleans, March 6-8.

3coast ranked #1 out of 409 firms with the most in split fees.

Richard Gross placed 3rd out of the top 25 recruiters.

From left to right: Eric O'Rourke, Dianne Gerdes & Richard Gross

From left to right: Eric O’Rourke, Dianne Gerdes & Richard Gross

Dianne Gerdes placed 10th out of the top 25 recruiters.

Richard & Dianne also took home Recruiting Excellence awards in brokerage and one for 10 or more split placements in 2013.

Congratulations team! Way to go 3coast!

For more information on 3coast visit www.3coast.com.

For more information on the NPA, visit www.npaworldwide.com.

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