Bad Hires Can Cost You. Eliminate Hiring Decision Risks.

Hiring decisions are fraught with risks and can impact the decision maker’s world in major ways. Each hire brings costly and time-consuming tasks of orientation, training and indoctrination. The reason for a hire is most certainly to perform a set of productive tasks, and if the hire is unable to perform, then those tasks become the responsibility of the hiring manager. A bad hire can interrupt smooth-running operations and cost your business in more ways than one.

According to The Right Management Group, the world’s largest career transition, outsourcing and organizational consulting firm, “Lower employee morale and decreased productivity are the biggest consequences of bad hiring and promotion decisions.”

Poor hires can cost a company its customers, profits and good people.bad-hire1

Engaging with a staffing partner can reduce the risks associated with hiring, especially a partner with industry-specific expertise. Thorough inspection of a candidate’s technical skills, background, references and personality traits greatly increases the chances of making a more successful hiring decision. Hiring managers paying a fee for recruiting services should demand this value from their staffing partner.

It costs an average of two and a half times an individual’s salary to replace an employee who doesn’t work out, including recruitment, training, severance costs and lost productivity. More than 4 out of 10 organizations (42%) say it costs at least three times an employee’s salary.

When engaging a staffing partner, hiring managers should expect the firm to have a proven process for recruiting, prescreening and researching potential candidates. It should have a model for completely understanding the positions you need, not only technical skills but company culture and personality fit.

The firm’s recruiting team should be capable of identifying passive candidates who are gainfully employed and happy in their work, but who will consider a better opportunity. They should engender trust in their staffing process and share that with the hiring manager. Most importantly, they should be able to assure that the manager will be able to hire the chosen candidate when the time comes.

The prospects of hiring the right person the first time are greatly increased by leveraging the expertise of a staffing partner.

Eliminate the risk of a bad hire by making sure your staffing partner has:

1.Procedures for completely understanding the technical skills and personality fit of each position

2.Proven processes for communicating, sourcing, screening, presenting and following up with candidates and hiring managers

3.An experienced recruiting team with industry-specific experience, as well as passive AND active recruiting strategies

4.Flexible hiring options for contract and permanent placement, including a contract-to-hire approach

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