Remember to Give Thanks

The pilgrims came to America and it was a whole new world for them. They were unfamiliar with the environment. They did not know which plants were poisonous and which plants could be used for medicinal purposes. They had yet to figure out how to farm the local fruits and vegetables. They were not used to the new variety of animals that they had to hunt and cook in this new world. There was no way they would have survived the winter without help from a knowledgeable third party.pilgrim-e1290622330659

Thankfully, Squanto, a Native American from a tribe nearby, taught the pilgrims how to adjust to their new surroundings and make the most of it. With his help, the pilgrims were able to survive the cruel winter and continue their existence on North America. As Americans, we owe our current lifestyle to Squanto and his fellow Indians for helping our ancestors survive. We now show our appreciation for all that we have on the national holiday, Thanksgiving.

I think many would agree that the world of IT is just as overwhelming and exciting and complicated as America felt to the pilgrims. They made the voyage to America because they knew there awaited a better life for them, but once they arrived, it seemed to be a dreadful scary unfamiliar place. All they needed in order to prosper was some survival consulting. Similarly, your company can benefit immensely from the advice of an IT consultant.

A few ways IT Consultants are like Squanto:


IT Consultants

Showed the pilgrims how to protect themselves from outside threats

  • Weather
  • Predatory animals
  • Neighboring violent tribes
Show clients how to protect themselves from outside threats

  • Spam
  • Viruses
  • Data destroying natural disasters
Taught the pilgrims how to utilize what was readily available to them

  • Naturally growing fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Small local animals
Teach clients how to utilize what is readily available to them

  • Desktops, servers
  • Programs, applications
  • Existing staff
Taught the pilgrims how to augment current processes for improved living

  • Farm preferred foods
  • Hunt bigger animals for better meals
Teach clients how to augment their current processes for improved business

  • Integrate new applications
  • Work with known vendors for upgrade

Those are just a few similarities between the help Squanto provided and the help IT Consultants provide. Just as Americans should be thankful for Squanto and his tribe for helping them survive a new environment, businesses should be thankful for their IT Consultants who guide them through complicated IT environments.

Happy Thanksgiving from the 3coast family to your family!

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