A Company that Plays Together, Stays Together

3coast a Managed IT Support and IT Staffing firm, recently held a company “play date” to encourage mingling among departments.

The “play date” was held at the park across the street from the 3coast building in Webster, Texas. A few hours at the end of a Friday was set aside for all employees to enjoy a washer tournament, a horse shoe tournament, and a free throw shooting contest. The snacks-225x300winners even won prizes!

In between games, employees got to know each other over snacks like hot dogs, chili dogs, chips and dip. Such simple activities resulted in a huge morale booster!

We spend an average of 2,080 hours at work every year. Company bonding, comfortable open communication, and morale boosting are important to companies like 3coast so playsthat each and every hour is productive and more enjoyable. Getting to know your fellow coworkers and managers in company bonding or team building activities not only improves personal relationships, but it improves synergy between groups or departments. Companies that focus on company bonding and morale boosting not only see better teamwork and higher productivity among employees, but they experience a lower turnover rate because their employees are more satisfied with their job.

Mutual Trust

The economic downturn forced companies and their employees to take a hard look at their loyalty and trust in one another. Many companies made budget cuts and decreased salaries. Their employees had to trust that the company would restore their salaries when the economy allows them to, and employers had to trust that their employees would continue working for them so that they could survive the recession and then indeed restore their salaries. During such a stressful time, the businesses that are still holding on are thosebball-300x225 that kept a positive attitude in the workplace and worked on keeping a high morale among their loyal employees.

The 3coast “play date” really showed employees that they are appreciated for their loyalty and hard work. It also helped employees get to know each other on a personal/social level so that they will no longer be “just another face in a cubicle down the hall”. The personal relationships that formed, or were strengthened, that day will not only make the workplace more enjoyable, but it will lead to easier communication in the future. It was great having all levels of employees, from the president/CEO (George Black, pictured below) and all the way down, enjoy the day of games and snacks together.

Visit the 3coast Facebook fan page to see more pictures from our “play date” and to see what else we are up to. 3coast is proof that a company that plays together, stays together!