New Bluetooth Headset Gear: Aliph Jawbone 2 Review

If you spend any time on your cell phone and are in the market for a new Bluetooth headset, go buy the Aliph Jawbone 2 right now. I had been burned by Motorola and Plantronics on my last two purchases. Weak signal, bad battery, etc. I did some homework on this one though. I knew a couple of people who bought the original and loved it, but were just unhappy with the size (The original was twice as big).

I bought this little guy when I evacuated for Hurricane Ike, because I knew I was going to be on the phone a lot in the following weeks. What a good investment. It’s already paid for itself.

Here’s what separates the Jawbone from the rest:jawbone2b

Jawbone eliminates real-world noise better than any other headset because it’s the only one that can accurately separate speech from ambient noise. It uses patented NoiseAssassin technology that incorporates a Voice Activity Sensor (VAS) and advanced DSP algorithms developed for the U.S. Department of Defense.

The VAS is able to detect very accurately when you’re talking and capture the frequencies of your speech even in the presence of noise. It works in conjunction with the NoiseAssassin algorithms and Jawbone’s two microphones to accurately model the noise environment–and then aggressively eliminate it.

And it really works. There’s a little rubber button that your cheek vibrates when you talk. When you’re not talking, it cuts off the microphone, drastically improving call quality. I quizzed several callers in noisy situations, and so far, no one has been able to tell that I’m in my car or at a pub, or wherever!

These numbers are tested:

  • Charge time is about 45 minutes
  • Talk time is about 4 hours
  • Standby is about 8 hours

*When you’re headset is out of range from your phone, it turns off automatically to conserve battery. Awesome feature! CNET reviewed the original Jawbone as the highest rated Bluetooth headset, with concerns about only its size and awkward ear shape. The Jawbone 2 has addressed these issues with a more lightweight design and improved ear comfort.

Check out this video demonstration from

The Aliph Jawbone 2 will run you between $94.99 and $121.95, and definitely worth it.

What other headsets are working for you? Have you experienced Jawbone and gotten the same results?

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