3coast Partners with NPA Worldwide


A Houston based, international company needed a Subject Matter Expert in Brazil who NPAspeaks fluent Portuguese. 3coast has a partner in Brazil who accepted the assignment, recruited a professional candidate who wanted the position, and the match was made. 3coast handled the entire transaction, allowing the client to receive the invoice in US $ from a known and trusted provider. 3coast facilitated the interview process, handled the offer through the partner in Brazil, closed the deal, and made sure that all steps were taken to assure that the candidate started the job on the agreed upon day.


A Texas native in Australia came to 3coast with a desire to find another position in Australia. 3coast introduced the candidate to a trusted partner in Melbourne, Australia, and that partner found the candidate a position with a major retail corporation in Sidney.


A Houston company with offices in Canada needed a contract consultant for a short term assignment in Montreal Canada. 3coast was providing contract consultants for the company in Houston, and the company approached 3coast to see if help could be found in delivering a consultant in Montreal. The company did not wish to create a relationship with a foreign company for the contract. 3coast utilized a partner in Montreal to provide the consultant who completed the assignment in good form. 3coast facilitated the arrangements, invoiced the company in US $, and transmitted the monies to the partner in Canada, all seamlessly and invisibly to the Houston company.

If any of these scenarios resemble needs that you might have today, contact 3coast. As a Member-owner of the NPA Worldwide recruiting network, 3coast has an international reach unsurpassed by larger, multi-branch recruiting firms. Our 425 partner-owners provide on-the-ground, local search and consulting capabilities on five continents around the world. Besides the US and Canada on the North American continent, owner-partners reside and operate in South America, Central America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. Cites include but are not limited to Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Ares, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Beijing, Bangkok, London, and Brussels.